The Power of Values-Based Resolutions

As the New Year dawns, the age-old tradition of resolutions once again takes center stage. If past years have left you with fleeting goals or resolutions born out of societal pressures, let’s explore a different avenue that transcends the conventional approach.

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions, but I believe in the transformative power of hitting a reset button. There’s no better way to invest in ourselves than by gaining clarity on our values and the behaviors that support them. Instead of succumbing to the pitfalls of traditional New Year’s resolutions, consider an alternative approach—one that centers around aligning your goals with your deeply held values.

Understanding the Power of Values: 

Values, fundamental beliefs that shape our priorities and decisions, play a pivotal role in every aspect of our lives—be it personal, professional, relational, or life-oriented. These guiding principles are not arbitrary; they are cultivated through personal experiences, observational learning, and environmental influences. Thriving occurs when our lives align with our values, fostering a sense of purpose, while misalignment with our values can lead to fatigue, burnout, and a disconnection from our desired paths in life.

Values are the driving force behind our attitudes, choices, and actions, influencing how we engage with the world around us. Hence, a deliberate effort to define your values becomes a cornerstone for purposeful action and goal creation.

Defining Your Values: 

Follow this practical guide by selecting and ranking values that resonate with you. This process forms the foundation for crafting resolutions rooted in your core values, ensuring a purposeful and fulfilling trajectory in the coming year. 

1. Start by taking a moment to circle all of the values that matter most to you from the list provided or write in your own.

Authenticity, Achievement, Adventure, Authority, Autonomy, Balance, Beauty, Boldness, Compassion, Challenge, Citizenship, Community, Competency, Contribution, Creativity, Curiosity, Determination, Fairness, Faith, Fame, Friendships, Fun, Growth, Happiness, Honesty, Humor, Influence, Inner Harmony, Justice, Kindness, Knowledge, Leadership, Learning, Love, Loyalty, Meaningful Work, Openness, Optimism, Peace, Pleasure, Poise, Popularity, Recognition, Religion, Reputation, Respect, Responsibility, Security, Self-Respect, Service, Spirituality, Stability, Success, Status, Trustworthiness, Wealth, Well-being, Wisdom

2. Once you have circled your values or written in your own, select the top six that are most important to you. Write those six values down and reflect on why they are important to you. 

3. Lastly, begin to formulate short- and long-term achievable goals for the New Year that relate to those values. 

  1. Ada’s Example – 
    • Short-term Goal for Well-being:
      • To engage in daily mindfulness practices, such as meditation or deep-breathing exercises, for a minimum of 10 minutes each day over the next month, aiming to cultivate a sense of inner calm and reduce daily stressors.
  2. Long-term Well-being Goal:
    • Establish a sustainable well-being routine by incorporating daily mindfulness practices, weekly physical activities, and monthly self-care rituals consistently over the next year. This encompasses dedicating 10 minutes each day to mindfulness exercises, engaging in at least two hours of physical activity weekly, and scheduling a monthly self-care day to nurture both mental and physical health.

In Closing: 

Clarifying values isn’t a mere exercise; it’s a powerful tool to prioritize life goals and gain a profound understanding of our desires. It’s not about pinpointing shortcomings or fostering self-criticism, but rather a gentle reminder of our purpose and a guide towards what truly matters. Values offer us a roadmap to enhanced self-understanding, instilling a sense of agency and choice in shaping the life that resonates with us.

Together, let’s shift towards resolutions that authentically mirror our values, setting the stage for a rewarding journey in the coming year. Join me on Instagram at @aumubera to delve deeper into different ways you can reset, refocus, and reinvigorate your life this year!