A local news broadcaster filmed me recently for a piece discussing the importance of Black media. The role of a Black journalist is crucial in maintaining and uncovering the narrative mainstream media does not. For too long have others spoken for us. As such, the public has been deceived by these misrepresentations in things which concern us.

UMOJA Magazine is devoted to correcting the narrative. Within our pages we prove the Black fathers care about their children. We demonstrate, through empowerment, how to start and successfully run businesses. And we provide role models ꟷ like playwrights, surgeons, school superintendents, judges, Ph.D. recipients, birthing doulas, farm owners, pilots, architects and CEOs ꟷ  to provide young children of color proof that greatness runs in their veins. 

Black media matters now and will matter centuries from now, I told the broadcast journalist. The Nieman Journalism Lab reports Black media publishes, as high as six times, more coverage than mainstream media on issues of importance to Black communities, including racism, health disparities, and voting access.

Providing UMOJA readers with content that speaks truth to power has been an honor for the past nearly five years. Unfortunately, I have made the difficult decision to leave UMOJA and start a new chapter in my life. Typing the words still feels unreal. But it’s true.

As you can see, I buried the lead.

Special thanks to Dr. Ruben L. Anthony Jr. and Dr. Chuck Taylor for mentoring and trusting me with this momentous role as publisher and editor. Thank you to my supportive UMOJA Board of Directors, devote advertisers, talented freelancers, staff and local artists like Jerry Jordan and Jerry Butler. And hats off to Ann and Paul from Park Printing, along with the exceptional members of the Urban League of Greater Madison staff.

Theran Michaelis (Theran Creative) has been my ride or die since 2019, producing the eye-popping issues month-after-month. Can’t thank you enough. And to all who wrapped their arms around me through wise counsel, I thank you, including Dr. Floyd Rose, Barbara Nichols, Ray Allen and Dana Warren.

A heart-felt thanks to my supportive family and extended family who prayed for me and cheered me on all along the way. I love you.

I can’t let this opportunity pass by without expressing my sincerest gratitude to Ms. Milele Chikasa Anana for birthing UMOJA and sharing its honorable mission with me. A gracious thanks to her family for weaving me into their loving legacy’s tapestry.

Thank you to UMOJA readers for being on this exciting journey with me. Know that UMOJA is still thriving. Your continued support is crucial in keeping the legacy alive.