If you don’t know Brian Culbertson, just listen to “The Secret Garden” song on his “Somethin Bout Love” album from 1999.  This would be a great way to be introduced.  You can then familiarize yourself with his many projects leading up to his Friday night live Facebook offerings called “The Hang”. 

The Trilogy Tour, held at Madison’s Barrymore Theater on October 1st, was entertaining, exciting, electrifying, and explosive!  His black & white leather jacket and his spiked hair style took us back in time.  Some audience members paid tribute to his style by wearing their sequined sports coat. (Another traditional for Brian) 

Seeing 7 gifted musicians playing live instruments together was a real treat. Brian had a band of “All Stars” that kept giving us more & more. 

Love and Colors are expressions of his music (Red, White & Bule).  Brian kept diving deep into the flow of his keyboard, then he would switch to the boundless blowing of his trombone.  He culminated the performance by playing the keys in a backward fashion.  One would have to see it to believe it! 

You’d be hard pressed to find one person to say they didn’t have a good time. I overheard a couple say that they frequently attend shows of legendary groups (recently as last week).   They said, “Brian’s show was by far the best they’ve seen!  I agreed, it was something to experience!