Balance, Harmony, Order, Truth Coming Home to Our True Self

E Em Htpu
(Greetings, May Peace Be Upon You)

These past two years have been crazy and stressful. Learning to cope and adapt to the pandemic shutdown stretched everyone to new limits. The outcome of COVID has been extensive health concerns, intense isolation, grief, and loss. However, as the year 2023 approaches globally, we are evolving from social restrictions and learning how to cope and live with COVID. 

A lot is happening.  We have extended into virtual space, working from home is an option for most, and now we are re-learning how to interact with one another. People are finding it difficult to manage life in the new age of interdependence between in-person and virtual space. In comparison, virtual space is relatively easy to navigate with a click of a button. For example, appointments can be scheduled in-between tasks and one can easily become overscheduled and overwhelmed with pending commitments.  

Companies are struggling to find employees and trying to coax those working from home to return to the office space. As a collective, we are learning how to work around our colleagues’ health ailments such as Covid long haul and missing extended periods of time from work. It is being reported that response times for correspondence are lagging, transport of items are lagging, lines at stores are slower, and often people are multitasking responsibilities. This has caused a new concern — How does one balance it all?

There was a time when in-person doings and pursuits were complicated alone. Yet, time management is different due to the virtual world and covid safety protocols. What we are witnessing and experiencing is being out of balance. 

Being out of balance can feel or appear like one is disjointed and disorganized. Feelings of unease, frustration, irritation, and not accomplishing much can overwhelm a person. This can create psycho emotional distress that can turn into sleepless nights, worry, nonproductivity, short temper, forgetfulness, overeating, and at times extended colds. 

Do not fret. Below are three ways to take inventory:

  • Re-evaluate your priorities—look for competing priorities
  • Make a to-do list
  • Clean your space
  • Slow down, do not make any more agreements
  • Learn to say “no.” 
  • Ensure you are getting adequate sleep
  • Delegate: allow for shared responsibilities
  • Build in time for self

Remember to both come home to your true self and come into alignment isn’t about accomplishing more. It is about showing up in one’s daily life present and with integrity. Understanding one’s bandwidth. When to contract or expand. Being in balance is about Being. Being fully present and fully embodied in your daily life. Accomplishing what matters most is the essence of The Law of MAAT – Balance, Harmony, Order, and Truth.

Dua NTR (Thank you)

Shem E EM Htpu (I leave you in peace)  

Mudwymn is Toni Tavita Martinez a psychotherapist in Milwaukee. Her focus is serving youth and families of color, predominantly American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) and Latinx who have experienced grief, loss, and intergenerational trauma caused by various psycho-social economic oppression. She provides community and individual instruction in mindfulness/meditation, work life stabilization, ancestral repair work, somatic experiencing (body based techniques), ecotherapy (nature based therapy) and trauma centered therapies to bring individuals to a sense of self and aid in their personal repair journey.