Some might say that Terrianna Bradley has developed the recipe for sweet fulfilment in life.

You may know her through her delicious cupcakes and pies.  You may have seen here as DNR’s Air Management Engineer, overseeing Wisconsin’s air quality to ensure fresh air for us all.  Or perhaps you have been touched by her artistic performances with the KLJ Dance Company.  

Baker.  Science Engineer.  Dancer.  How did this curious mix of science, art and culinary talents all come together?

Bradley, who has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Environmental Engineering from Michigan Tech University, is an Air Management Engineer at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  Her love of nature and the outdoors began in middle school where she found herself in a constant state of science-inquiry and exploration.  She credits an especially powerful field trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where she met a University of Michigan presenter who also had a science lab in downtown Detroit.  A few visits and she was hooked.  And she continues to share that passion about K-12 STEM programs and creating diverse spaces for all engineers to grow and excel with others.

But science was not the only thing that grabbed her interest.  Growing up in Detroit, she explains: “I was heavy into the performing arts,” emphasizing “…dance was and is part of my DNA!”   

She nurtured that talent on her college’s Dance Team, as the school’s Marching Band Dancer and Choreographer, and continues that artistic passion to this day as a member of the KLJ Movement Performance and Dance Company.   (  KLJ Movement is a non-profit dance company that uplifts culture in the community, empowers artists in their creative expression, and provides various performance opportunities for dancers.  Performing at locations throughout the Madison area, she considers KLJ a “safe space to be a creative and part of the creative collective.”

When asked how she juggles her talent and passion for science and for art, she laughs and explains: “I am always using both sides of my brain!”  It makes for a very fulfilling life.

Now where do the pies come in?

Terrianna describes herself as a ‘life-long baker’, noting that the urge to bake comes in waves around the holidays.  Known for her famous cakes and pies, she provides sweet treats for friends, colleagues and the community.  And coming soon — she hopes to launch “E.Y.B. Bakeshop” as an online shop. 

Why “E.Y.B”?   She explains:  “E.Y.B. stands for ‘Everyday’s Your Birthday’!”   She continues: “Baking is very personal to me.  I want people to realize that they deserve a cake not just on their birthday, but every day.”

She adds: “It’s all about a chance to celebrate ‘you’, whatever state you’re in that day and wherever you ‘are’ – on any day!”

And that’s a sweet morsel of life advice we can all get behind!