Being Inclusive

Richard Sims currently serves as Interim Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer at Edgewood College.  

As a higher education professional, Sims has more than 15 years of experience and has held professional roles where his primary function was strategically leading, designing, and developing initiatives to improve access and success for students with marginalized identities.  Sims has served students in various professional roles, including athletics, enrollment management, diversity, equity, and inclusion, financial aid, and student life.  Sims has presented and consulted for K-12 school districts and non-profit organizations and facilitated and led faculty, staff, and students training that encourages learning, reflection, awareness, and understanding.  Sims has also instructed courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels on social justice, equity and inclusion, civil rights, civic engagement, and identity development. 

Sims joined Edgewood College in 2022 as the Executive Director for Student Equity and Inclusion. He earned his bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from Western New Mexico University and his master’s degree in educational administration from New Mexico State University.