Psalms 90:10 says, “The days of our lives are seventy years; And if by reason of strength they are eighty years… “(NKJV). On July 1, Charles “Chuck” Billings go to celebrate his 80th year in grand style. Although his actual birthday is June 28, his family and friends surprised him with a wonderful surprise party on Saturday, July 1 at the Wyndham Garden Hotel Ballroom. Some 150 guests from across the country and from all parts of his life came together to celebrate him.  Guests came from Sacramento, CA, Peoria, AZ, Austin, TX, Houston, TX, Tallahassee, FL, Atlanta, GA, Williamsburg, VA, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA, White Plains, NY, Indianapolis, IN, Detroit, MI, and Chicago, IL. Some of those who couldn’t come in person sent wonderful words of congratulations for this milestone birthday. It was a grand celebration for the man who knows EVERYBODY!

George Burns, Kirk Douglas and Bob Hope experienced a century of living and a wealth of stories.  Not many reach that milestone and those who do may lose their sharpness.  Not Mother Louise Dunlap.  Looking like royalty, she made her way to the Dane County Boys & Girls Club (transformed to the Harlem Nights Theme) on May 20th where friends and family wished her a happy 100!  Music, food, and fellowship filled the gymnasium as Mother Dunlap held a young child in her arms.  The contrast of older and younger was quite moving to say the least.  With a glowing smile and dressed for a night out, you would conclude that Mother Dunlap outshined everyone in the room and was the Queen of Harlem… Afterall, it was her day!  Happy Birthday!

Friends & Family gathered at the Warner Park Community Center on May 20th to say Happy 80th to Carolyn Rumph! Representatives from Kentucky, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Illinois and, of course, Wisconsin were all in the room to honor her.  Normally you’ll find Carolyn at Mt. Zion Baptist Church where she has served faithfully for 57 years.  This includes the health and emergency ministry, women’s ministry, the culinary ministry, administrative assistant to the Pastor, and a loyal soprano in the music ministry.  Although stepping down as administrative assistant on this birthday, she will remain an active presence at Mt. Zion.  No matter what she steps away from, just know that on a Sunday, if scheduled, you’ll always find her sitting up in the choir stand lifting her voice to God!   Happy 80th!