Fourth of September

By Kelsie Coleman

For her heart longed to give its love to a soul

Not just any soul but the mate to hers

A match to her swag, the flow to her beat

…….Waiting for her black King

In her past, she experienced a whole lot of niggas who had not tapped into kingship

Men who tried to talk that ying yang and bump their gums about what they wanted

All along lips potent with lies and her intuition always revealed their intentions

…… she grew weary…. she stopped believing HE existed.

On top of the fear of giving over her power and being nakedly exposed… she feared being disappointed.

Cheating the heart out of truly living, thriving, beating, pumping blood to these organs of love….

she was dying to experience something….. REAL.

Even after trying to convince the mind otherwise… the heart still longed for LOVE.

It was starving ! It was made to love!

As years passed,

Disappointment built defenses, causing denial of the very thing she wanted.

It wasn’t until the 24th year….she decided to stop running, pull the walls down, and say when Love knocks… baby I’m answering. *Pause* There she stood slightly afraid but, courageous enough to finally say… I want it!

She never realized that in her vulnerability lay a strength until the 4th of September.

Black Queen

By Kelsie Coleman

She was more sleep on herself than he ever was….It wasn’t until she awoke from her slumber to grab hold of full queen ship….that she realized how dope she truly is! The scales were pulled back from her eyes, and she had an epiphany…. enlightened by the power her God placed within her and the strength he wrapped around her: she knew she was triumphant. Her slumber was not in vain. She slept but for a while to awaken to the glory. Day by day she grew more intrigued with her destiny and all that she could be. Finding inward motivation to strive to be better, to love harder, to smile wider, and to care more….she evolved. She was and is and always will be: A Black Queen

Emergency surgery

By Kelsie Coleman

Bottles up frustration of pain unspoken

Bearing upon the walls of the heart

Empty spaces but, smiling faces painted upon canvases as art

Hurt so deep you could barely sleep,

While everyone else is snoring

Wide awake awaiting sleep to take you on a journey to a land full of dreams of many things

You lay praying that you can feel God’s hand healing your heart,

As you lay there you hear a still small voice say

“Uncover your scars. I need to examine everything in matters of the heart.”

The process will be long, and the healing will take time

Put your hand in my hand and it’ll get better with time

As the voice grows quiet you finally feel at peace and drift off to sleep

“Kelsie Coleman is a native of Danville, IL, began to journal and write in elementary school. In third grade, she wrote her first “poetry book” as a school project opening her love for writing. She continued writing into adulthood. In 2018, after a conversation with her godmother, Kelsie self-published her first book called Chapter 24: Her Heart. As a result, many opportunities came her way to do vendor events, open mics, speaking events, and other networking opportunities.  This caused her to start a business called Queendom Heart Poetry. Since 2018, she has written two additional books: Letters to the Little Girl Inside of Me (2019) and Beauty for Ashes (2020). Kelsie’s biggest goal has been to use the gifts God gave her to inspire others, especially young people. Kelsie has made a career in youth development and has experience working with Head Start, elementary, middle, high school, and GED students in the last 13 years. In 2022 Kelsie relocated to Madison where she is currently the MSCR Recreational Specialist at Memorial High School. After falling in love with writing, Kelsie never knew things would come full circle in her adult life. Her message to all is to try something new, share your gifts, lift your voice, and stand in the spotlight, because when you do, you honor God, you free yourself, and you inspire others.”


By Lai’Kita Buie

First GEN! Yeah, with my BROWN SKIN

I might be the FIRST, but I won’t be the LAST

cause it has come to PASS

that MY CHILDREN has seen BOTH MOM and DAD cross that PATH

that path that led to DEGREES

degrees is what you need to SUCCEED

And by succeed, I mean planting those SEEDS

those seeds that THEY NEED