Cover Artist:
Desere Mayo

Desere has the gift of creativity and imagination and it shows in her work. She has been perfecting her craft since an early age and has touched hundreds of people in the process. Every picture drawing is handmade and no filters or edit software was used to create the artwork. With a keen attention to detail, Desere has done everything from painting both original and popular children’s artwork on and walls of both homes and businesses alike; creating graphics, signs, paintings of houses, face painting, and magazines for professional organizations as well as for intimate occasions such as a weddings, and is always looking to expand her craft. Desere’s artwork and clientele spreads across the nation and she has even done personal portrait work for recording and television stars David and Tamela Mann as well as for Super Bowl winning Quarterback Drew Brees. Her artwork is displayed in many schools, MATC in Madison, and at Malone University in Ohio. Her goal is to get artwork on walls in every school so that children can see themselves, gain confidence, and know they can succeed. She has been in newspapers, on news stations, and in magazines and journals. Every time she is interviewed, she wants all to know that “Her Creator created her to create!”