Milwaukee’s Black Lives Matter Protesters Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop 

Remove National Guard presence from Black Lives Matter marches.
Declare racism as a statewide emergency.
Remove community resource police officers from public schools.
Defund the police.
Hire more Black teachers.

These are just some demands marchers across Milwaukee, and the state, want to see. The role of protesters is to be disruptive and ignite change, because asking nicely just doesn’t seem to work, many say.  

So day after day, week after week, and months after months, they march in hopes of being heard. It all began in the days following the public murder of George Floyd on May 25, protests and unrest shook the streets of Milwaukee and other cities. Trying to grapple with the role of police and its history of racial injustice, protesters at some point, found themselves confronted with police officers jumping from armored vehicles and aircraft surveillance.  

Frustration grew and so did the crowds gather in solidary for justice and an end to police brutality. 

Here are some images provided to UMOJA Magazine from Milwaukee residents who witnessed and joined forces with the Black Lives Matter movement. Special thanks to Pat A Robinson, Johnny Miller, Olanda Martina, and Davette BakerMounce.