Ah, back to school. The air is tense with anticipation as long summer nights turn to crisp fall mornings. While you may be gearing up to purchase new notebooks and binders, picking out new clothing pieces is another essential part of back-to-school shopping. We’ve got you covered to step into the new school year with confidence as we highlight the newest trends for students this fall.

1. Athleisure

Whether you’re a busy student on the go or a parent dressing your child for active days on the playground, athleisure is quintessential this back-to-school season. In recent years, the athleisure aesthetic has grown popular for its comfortability and simplicity. Athleisure is the ideal combination between activewear and loungewear, allowing students to move with ease while still appearing put together. Athleisure is not only confined to basic yoga pants or athletic shorts; the style can also include matching sets for a casual yet refined look. Oftentimes, athleisure is characterized by bright pops of color that allow students to stand out both on and off the field.

Matching set:

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2. Platform shoes

Though it may be upsetting to put away your favorite sandals for the season, thick-soled platform shoes are a must-have this fall. Platform sneakers are a modern twist on a classic, simple shoe. Ideal for running to the bus stop or kicking back in the classroom, these shoes will add the perfect touch to your back to school wardrobe

Women’s shoes –


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3. Belt bags

While backpacks may come to mind when picturing back-to-school season, belt bags have arrived as one of the latest trends for both teens and young adults. Perfect for field trips, belt bags are great for storing cash, gum, pencils… you name it. Not only are belt bags secure and comfortable, they can add a touch of pizazz to any outfit while keeping your belongings safe.

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4. Beads

Stringing beads together on a friendship bracelet once represented the ultimate bond of childhood companionship. Now, however, those colorful block beads that would always fall off the flimsy string tied around your hand have arrived as a more functional and adorable added detail to clothing. Beads on the drawstrings of shorts and skirts, dress straps and even shoelaces can add a whimsical flair or pop of color to any outfit.





5. Loose clothing

Gone are the days of squeezing into skinny jeans and tight tank tops. This season, comfort is key as loose clothing items are becoming staple wardrobe pieces. Perfect for cozy fall days and the transition to colder months, baggy T-shirts, wide legged jeans and oversized sweatshirts are necessities for your back-to-school closet. An oversized look is on-trend and will keep students comfortable and warm while heading back to the classroom.


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