Photos courtesy of Leotha Stanley

I could not imagine at 79 looking and sounding so good!

On September 12th, The Madison community and visitors threw aside politics, age and even the weather to step back in time with the one and only… Diana Ross. 

Diana’s voice was so fresh and clear that I found myself asking if it was real or was it her pre-recorded voice? It was real!  Not only did she move with grace, but her expedited wardrobe changes also proved that she had not lost “it!”

The audience at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Madison was engaged by singing and dancing from start to finish.  There were no rules to block the excitement.   People stood, danced, clapped, and raised their phones to record songs or take pictures.  How could you not?  The band was made up of 7 multi-talented musicians and 2 back-up singers.  Freddie White, a native of Milwaukee, has been singing with Diana for 23 years.

At one point, Diana asked everyone to participate by turning on the flashlights on their phones and wave to one of her signature songs “Reach Out And Touch Somebody’s Hand.”  Then she summed up the evening with a 4th wardrobe change and sang the title song from her current project entitled “Thank You.”  

As I reflect on the night of fun, reminiscing on some of my favorite songs, I can honestly say that the evening was Supreme!