Are you looking for ways to position your brand as powerfully as possible in the coming year? Of course, you are.

You can do it most effectively by eliminating worries about points that don’t pose a threat to your established reputation while making fresh choices that will surprise and engage your consumer base and new audiences more than ever.

How do you do it? Try these tricks and tips:

Stop trying to put out every social media fire.

You may be expending more energy than you need to when it comes to refuting rumors and inaccuracies about your brand on social media. A new study from North Carolina State University led by Yang Cheng found that when an established brand is targeted by “fake news,” that brand’s reputation does not actually suffer.

Focus on satisfying your demographics’ needs by providing great products, services, and emphasizing your brand’s tried-and-true qualities. 

You’ll be just fine.

Focus on solid information in your copy, rather than testimonials.

A new study from the University of California, Davis found that clear, factual info from a trusted organization has a much greater reach and impact on social media than personal stories do.

That’s not to say you should discount your audience’s shared experiences in your campaigns but focusing on solid information and distributing it widely is the most authentic and constructive way to get your message out and make it the most useful.

Express your desire for increased regulation.

A 2019 study from researchers Lisa Schwartz and Steven Woloshin found that, over a 19-year period, medical marketing has increased from $17.7 billion to $29.9 billion. However, regulations are not keeping up with that growth.

These findings have relevance for every digital marketer, too, in that regulation is a fluid issue, and can be lacking. Operate your business scrupulously, and let your audience know you are doing this.

Also, publicly express your supportive for any and all regulations that will protect the safety and privacy of your customers. This kind of transparency by brands is rare, but it will set you apart as being trustworthy and user-friendly.

Don’t survey constantly.

You obviously want to know what your audience is thinking, but the more surveys you push on them, the more intrusive and annoying you appear. Pull back on post-purchase surveys, and schedule large-scale surveys every few months to gauge bigger-picture demographic trends.

Enjoy consumer complaints as much as possible.

Constructive criticism is the best gift you can get when it comes to sharpening your image and reach. Make it clear that you want the unvarnished truth from your customers — and use it to give them what they want by checking your ego at the door. You’ll be glad you did!  

(This blog was originally posted on the MultiBriefs website.)