Everyone has an inner artist, but not everyone has been lucky enough to develop their skills. Fortunately, that is starting to change. As technology and science join forces, creativity is benefiting. This duet is offering unthinkable ways of exposure as well as innovative ways to learn and practice. It helps to apply artistic skills to daily activities. If you haven’t discovered yours yet, here is how you can start unleashing it.

1. Explore innovative ways of art.

Traditional art such as painting, music, or sculpture might be an excellent way to find your artistic passion. However, not everyone is made for them and it doesn’t mean that you don’t have an inner artist. Since the new era, we have created new forms of artistic expression. For instance, visual arts now have videos and high-tech photography. If you are attracted to painting but don’t like traditional canvas, there is graphic design or street art with graffiti. If you are attracted to dance, there are plenty of dancing styles that include popular music from country, tango, pop, salsa, and others. Be brave to try new things.  

2. Show off your creativity.

When you start exploring your creativity you may try to hide your creations. As you advance, consider showing off your work. You will receive feedback to help improve your work, and find out what your audience is looking for. As we are in the video age, you can start recording videos with your phone. Also, you can use the camera from your laptop or PC. These simple but powerful tools can give you the confidence to opt for more sophisticated cameras as you advance. 

At first, you can start sharing videos with your loved ones like family and close friends. Then, depending on what you create, you might consider sharing the videos through social networks and even YouTube channels. At that point, you should be able to edit and know how to send large videos. That will give you the freedom you need to show your creations in any way and platform that you want. 

3. Create a diary of ideas.

Once you start using your creativity, you can have moments when it appears at any time of the day. If you have a diary, you can save those ideas and evaluate them later. Such evaluation will allow you to relate and compare ideas. You will be able to apply those ideas and discover what you get from them. Some ideas might be trying new forms of art. To obtain the best from your diary, remember that ideas can flow freely through your mind. You don’t have to set limits to generate them. Unfortunately, many people don’t take the time to write them down and forget about them. As a result, they end wasting valuable sources of ideas to unleash their inner artist.  

4. Surround yourself with creative people.

You can find creative people everywhere, including coworking spaces. There are many freelancers who use shared offices to avoid boredom but also create a network of like-minded people. For instance, if you happen to be in the US, try visiting coworking spaces in Seattle for the chance of being surrounded by interesting people. Although you are trying to unleash your inner artist, businesspeople can be very creative too. Therefore, do not simply limit your search to people in your field. 

Also, remember that artists have a wide point of view that allows them to explore many fields. This is how they enrich their vision. While you get in touch with new people, do not hesitate to ask them about their interests and side projects. You will be surprised at how many people use their free time to create and express themselves as artists. As you surround yourself with them, you will obtain valuable ideas. Also, a general sense of freedom to express and develop your skills. 

If you decide to explore your inner artist, you are on the right path to expanding your vision of life. As you develop and try your skills, you will also understand your place in the world in a very creative way. It doesn’t matter the artistic expression you choose because they all welcome imagination and creativity.