Jack Daniels

President Madison College

Hope for the New Year (2024) – Representing Madison College

My hope is to continue to eliminate barriers for people to be successful.  This translates to creating opportunities for individuals to grow and reach their aspirations.  I would like to see that we continue efforts to coalesce and create actionable resolutions around social issues (i.e., childcare, housing, food insecurities) continues and those actions make a difference in individuals’ and families’ growth and opportunities. And last, but certainly not least, my hope is that we continue to advocate strongly against limitations to exercise the right to vote while at the same time, strongly advocate for folks to vote. 2024 is a pivotal year and active voting will be essential in influencing the education, economic, and social agendas that are being shaped for years to come. Best wishes for a prosperous 2024! 

Constance Miles

President Madison Alumni Chapter, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

On behalf of the Madison Alumnae Chapter (MAC) of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., our aspirations for the 2024 sorority year are to continue to pursue our goals of Growth, Commitment and Service.

  • GROWTH – Expanding and Retaining our membership to better serve the Madison community. Developing our programming to address the needs of the Black community.
  • COMMITMENT-Dedicating our time and acts of service to align with the Five Programmatic Thrusts of Delta Sigma Theta.
  • SERVICE-Service is who we are! We engage with our community to raise awareness of mental health, financial stability, international issues, educational priorities and scholarships, and of, course political awareness.
  • MAC will develop programs in alignment with our Grand Chapter’s Five Programmatic Thrusts: 
  • Economic Development 
  • Educational Development 
  • International Awareness and Involvement 
  • Physical and Mental Health 
  • Political Awareness and Involvement

Kirbie Mack

Vice Chairman, Blacks for Political & Social Action of Dane County

In the coming year, my sincere wish is for the advancement of civil rights and justice for Black Americans, beginning right here in Madison! Alongside this, I hope for progress in cancer research, a cause that holds deep personal significance after my husband’s passing. My final hope is that God grants us all much laughter, joy, peace, grace and prosperity.”

Stephanie Bradley Wilson

President Kappa Psi Omega Chapter, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Galatians 6:9-10 is my primary resolution for 2024. To not become “weary in well doing” and using opportunities “to do good to all people” means for me, in part, to invest in and protect my health. My goals include healthy eating, getting adequate sleep, and remaining physically, mentally and spiritually active to do the work that contributes to our community where we ALL can thrive and prosper.

Nia Trammell

President, Madison Metropolitan Chapter of the Links, Inc.

As every year comes to a close, I take time, and encourage others, to reflect on the accomplishments, successes, challenges and disappointments we experienced individually and collectively. Such reflection gives greater perspective when framing your hopes for the new year.  It serves as a reminder that every new year presents each of us with new possibilities.  Possibilities to fill our cups with things that actively support our physical and mental health. Possibilities to engage in activities that ignite our passions and allow us to lead and serve in our community. Possibilities to forge strategic partnerships that drive transformational change.  Moving into the new year, we can celebrate where we’ve come, and equally important we can reset, recalibrate and poise ourselves to reach our communal goals.