The Simpson Street Annual Finest Families Neighborhood Reunion held a socially distanced celebration on Aug. 15 at Antler’s Parking Lot on West Broadway in Madison. Community love and gift bags were exchanged.

For 11 years the Annual Simpson Street Finest Family Neighborhood Reunion has forged bonds in the neighborhood. Due to COVID-19 neighbors celebrated the event by social distancing, wearing gloves, face masks and there was hand sanitizer available as well.  

Diane Smalls, known in the community as Ms. Diane, is the coordinator of this event.

“The whole event was very successful,” Smalls said. “God got the Glory, and my spirit gave me that utterance to trust that God was pleased.”

The Neighborhood Reunion is usually held at Dream Park in Monona, but the presence of the coronavirus forced organizers to rethink how this year’s event could be held. … And it worked.