Cover: The Silent Struggle; Artist: Jerry Butler
For generations, many African Americans have developed a harsh distrust of the health care system.
Brain health is an important part of overall good health, although many are not always aware of the important functions of the brain.

The Silent Struggle

Cover: The Silent Struggle Artist: Jerry Butler

UMOJA Publisher/Editor: Breathe, Sweat, Glow … Repeat

Many may not know that I spent roughly 18 years crafting my journalism and editing skills in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

Let Us Make Man: Urban League of Greater Madison, UW Extension Partner on Unique Fatherhood Initiative

Danielle Hairston-Green, Ph.D., CFCS-HDFS is the director of the University of Wisconsin – Madison Extension’s Human Development and Relationships Institute.

1st Black-Owned Barber College in Madison Give Students Cutting Edge

Brian “Frog” Britt has a childhood story that’s not easy to share.

All of Us Research Program: A Future in Custom-Made Health Care

For generations, many African Americans have developed a harsh distrust of the health care system.

African Americans Disproportionately Burdened by Alzheimer’s Disease

Brain health is an important part of overall good health, although many are not always aware of the important functions of the brain.

Understanding Adolescent Mental Health and the Growing Trend of Youth Yoga and Mindful Moment Rooms

Talking about mental health to show support and reduce the stigma surrounding it is on the rise among all communities as of late due to mass shootings, natural disasters, and countless other headline-grabbing events that affect our ability to function amongst our daily routines.

Rebirth: Doulas, Midwives Offer Alternative to Traditional Maternal Care

The ending of a thing can often be the beginning of something special. Just ask Tamara Thompson and her business partner Tia Murray.

Jasmine Zapata Aims to Empower Communities to Aid Prevention

Dr. Jasmine Zapata believes that the pathway to improving African American birth outcomes begins long before conception, pregnancy or delivery.

‘We can’t keep this in the closet any longer’

Madison Raises Awareness About Drug Overdoses and Those Left Behind It’s dusk and a somber crowd is gathered at Olbrich Park along the shore of Lake Monona in observance of International Overdose Awareness Day. Rain drizzled almost on cue to wash the tear-stained faces of those bound by unwanted memories of losing loved ones to [...]

Black Women’s Wellness Day

Sharing What Wellness & Self Care Really Means Emotional tears and chills were instant at the start of the 11th Annual Black Women’s Wellness Day program. A strong voice, spitting lyrics of self-love and self-affirmation boomed from the microphone of Kendria Harris, a Chicago-based spoken word artist who goes by the name of K-Love the [...]

Fellows Talk Finance

Martha’s Vineyard might have a lock on “the place to be” every second weekend of August, but Milwaukee is where you want to be the weekend after that. For more than 20 years, John Daniels Jr., managing partner emeritus of Quarles and Brady LLP, and his national team of altruists have hosted the Fellowship Open [...]

MSCR Afterschool Makes a Difference

Since the early 1900s, Madison School & Community Recreation (MSCR) has provided afterschool activities for Madison children.  MSCR serves more than 10,000 children in a variety of enriching afterschool programs at 15 elementary schools, two community centers, twelve middle school and four high schools.    Thanks to multiple 21st Century Community Learning Center grants, MSCR [...]

Southwest Madison Employment Center: An Empowered Investment in Community

The Southwest Madison Employment Center, the newest partnership between the Urban League of Greater Madison and the City of Madison, opened on a sunny and breezy September morning, a sign of the new life the two organizations hope its presence will bring to the southwest Madison community. Dignitaries, community organizers and area residents were all [...]

Black Girls Do Bike

On the Same Path, In More Ways Than One On a recent Saturday morning, the sunshine sparkled across Lake Monona like a sea full of diamonds. Birds were silhouettes against the peaceful, steel blue sky. In the parking lot of the Machinery Row Bicycles shop, a group of cyclists are beginning to gather. “Can I [...]

Microblading and Ombré Microshading: Mom Hack on Makeup Application Time

Hey Momma, you know how it feels to be at the bottom of your own to do list?  Yeah, me too! But you don’t have to be anymore. We have got to find ways to conquer the racing clock, to insert ourselves back into our lives and to save time.  That’s the reason I developed [...]

Lose the Excuses and Become A Healthier You With These Black Fitness Instructors!

All those that need a little extra push to help stick to a fitness routine, or a kick in the pants to get started, raise your hand! Good health, wellness, fitness and healthy lifestyles are important for all people of all ages. These fitness gurus will not only inspire you, but help you reach your [...]

You Need to Scrape Your Tongue

It freshens breath, reduces cavities, and improves taste buds A few months ago, I shared some of my self-care rituals on Melanin Habits. However, I neglected to mention that tongue scraping is a vital part of my morning dental care routine. When you wake up in the morning, do you ever notice a white or [...]

UMOJA Shorts – October

Installation of New Senior Pastor at Greater Bethlehem Temple World Ministries in Milwaukee On Sept. 29, Greater Bethlehem Temple World Ministries in Milwaukee celebrated the installation of Marquis S. Young as senior pastor of the church. He is the congregations’ third pastor to hold the position.  Established in 1946, it is said to be the [...]